Welcome to Wicked Game Spear and Line Fishing Charters

About us

We love to be around the water and have been fishing, scuba diving, spearfishing and driving boats for more years than we care to admit. So any excuse to get in and on the water is a good thing for us.

We launch from Pete’s Pier, Crystal River or MacRae’s, Homosassa.

Our Boats

24′ Hurricane FunDeck is welcoming groups up to 6 people. It has everything you need to feel comfortable and have beautiful experience enjoying time on water

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We focus on making sure that our customers have a great time by catching or hunting fish and creating new experience and great memories! With all of our heart we believe that when you go fishing you should have a fishing rod in your hands and feel the fish hit the bait. We also very passionate about spearfishing and want to introduce this sport to people who want to try themselves in it. We provide our own equipment for Spearfishing, so if you are new to the sport it’s no need to spend on equipment before you understand how much you like it. Our boat is ready to host on it’s board groups up to 6 person. It’s comfortable to make the day on the reef, wrecks, offshore in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Our Tours

We love to see families on board. If you are looking to spend time with your family and create great memories we happy to invite you on scalloping trip.

Do you want to try something new? Lets go learn how to spearfish with us.

You are experienced diver and looking for a boat to go spearfishing with your friends… Lets go with us!

Sunsets are amazing here! Great time with your loved ones watching sunset and cruising in the Gulf of Mexico near beautiful islands… What can be more romantic?